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2021: Welcoming A New Year!

2021: Welcoming A New Year!

We breathe a sigh of relief to see 2020 in the rear-view mirror.
Those of us who work in the agriculture and feed industry are so ready
to embrace the post-pandemic world with mass vaccine rollouts both nationally and internationally.

With the dairy prices swinging routinely in the past months in 2020
(e.g. multiple $5 swings per hundred weight for Class III milk on a month-to-month basis), dairy producers saw unprecedented volatility and uncertainty, especially the lack of price stability. There are so many moving parts in the nearby future: the new administration’s ag policy (whether there will be an extension of food buying programs), feed prices, and consumer demand (schools reopening and recovery of the food service industry), to name
a few. Despite all these, based on USDA data, 2021 may still witness the
best first half Class III milk price since 2014, which shows great opportunities for those prepared. The question is, will you answer the door when opportunity knocks?

We understand the challenges ahead for dairy and agriculture industry
as a whole, but there is hope on the horizon. It’s time to focus on 2021.
One of the positives of the past year is that it has made us much more accepting of and comfortable with technology. I would like to take this opportunity to open up another way to communicate with you and the industry to share our thoughts on how we can contribute to the industry, what our Origination team hears and sees in the field, as well as introduce products we carry to improve animal productivity. 

Please feel free to send me an email with any questions regarding your dairy nutrition and management, and I look forward to the conversations we will have to help you achieve your production goals.

Fei Sun, PhD, PAS
Dairy Product Technical Manager, Origination LLC.